About us


My name is Sahar, and I am Yochai.
We are the founders of SHIKSHOOK.

SHIKSHOOK is our brainchild brand, we were so passionate about traditional cocktail making that we trace the art of adding spices to different liqueurs all the way back to pharaonic ancient Egypt.

Classical barware and high-end cocktail shaker designs have long been synonymous with high class, style, and sophistication. Who, after all, isn’t familiar with the iconic  James Bond catchphrase, “shaken, not stirred.”  Especially how he always drinks cocktails at the bar with style and elegance. I remember the first time I watched one of those scenes, how I thought to myself, that is the GOOD LIFE and one day, just for a moment I want to get a taste from that life.

Yochai and I shared this dream and couldn’t wait until we taste as many different cocktails as possible.
We tried just about anything you can think of that was a combination this stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters.

We started working hard and saving money so that we could buy all of the necessary equipment and ingredients to make the perfect cocktails.
It turned out to be a much more difficult task than we had anticipated. The market is flooded with an infinite array of products and different companies.
Some products look exactly the same, some are just a bit different.

We were determined to find the best equipment available. We researched online forums for reviews and recommendations. We also consulted with professional bartenders to compile a list of the best bar equipment
some were ridiculously high priced and even the most expensive tools were among the worst performers in our tests.
Purchasing the products from a wide variety of websites was also a bad experience.
We knew we couldn’t waste any more time on this venture.

However, there were some useful things we learned along the way and Just in time, we have done the work for you of comparing products and testing for quality.

We have combined the best available versions of all the most recommended products needed to make cocktails and put them together in one elegant package.SHIKSHOOK cocktail shaker set never rust and never leaks, but do exemplify everything that’s right about the art of professional cocktail making.
We want them to be available and accessible to everyone.

Our main goal is to help you grab your slice of the Good Life.  We deliver it to you with the style and elegance you’d expect from a classic cocktail shaker set.

You make the excellent choice of buying the best, with your SHIKSHOOK Shaker Set, you can start living the dream.

Your slice of the GOOD LIFE never tasted so good.

For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us

Contact: Support@shikshook.com